The Tree

Much has been written regarding the powerful enchantment of trees. According to ancient Druid lore “working with the spirit of the tree can bring renewed energy, powerful inspiration, and deep communion.” Inspired by the Birch tree’s unusual bark and graceful stance, my birch paintings are a homage to what poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge described as the “Lady of the Woods”.

Are you interested in buying a painting from this series? Check out my availability by Gallery representation and also my online store. If you would like to commission an art piece, contact me, Susan Wallis for my details. 


Winter Blues 24x60 2011 encaustic art susan wallis
Autumn Dusk 72x48 encaustic art
Moonlight 24x48 Triptych
Moonlight 24x48 triptych 2008 #2.jpg
Moonlight 24x48 triptych 2008 #3.jpg
Resonating Birches 48x24 encaustic art susan wallis
Autumn's Announcement 24x60 2013 encaustic art susan wallis
Ice Birches encaustic art susan wallis
Four and Twenty Birches 24x24 encaustic art susan wallis
The Awakening 24x60 encaustic art susan wallis
The First Snowfall 14x14 2007 Encaustic art susan wallis