The Sky

The skies dictate the emotions of nature and often that of man.  At dusk they dazzle us with technicolour sunsets reminding us of their artistic prowess, whereas at night they shine and twinkle holding within their folds of darkness the possibility of other worlds.  The skies can make even the most powerful of men succumb to it’s greatness.

In this series, using blowtorches, heat guns and irons to manipulate the wax across the surfaces of my boards I have endeavoured to capture the many moods and magnificence of the skies under which we inhabit.

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The texture of Susan Wallis’ works gives them a sense of serenity and excitement at the same time. Canadian landscapes are treated in a resolutely contemporary way.
— Brian Brisson, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal

Cloud Contemplation VIII 2017.jpg
Cloud Contemplation 24x24.jpg
Big Skies 46x46 encaustic wax painting
Cloud Contemplation I 20x20 2017.jpg
Charcoal Swirls 24x48 2017.jpg
Passing Clouds 30x36 2017.jpg
Homecoming Skies 12x12-2 2017.jpg
Sunday Morning 12x12-2 2017.jpg
Under Summer Skies 10x10 2017.jpg
Everchanging Skies 30x36 2017.jpg
Under Forceful skies 10x10 2018.jpg
Dark Skies Approaching 48x6 encaustic art