The Garden 

This series is inspired by my vegetable and flower garden in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  I enjoy the unexpected accidents that can happen in nature and gardening. I try to embrace the notion of the unexpected in my work by not approaching the canvas with too many preconceived ideas or expectations.

Are you interested in buying a painting from this series? Check out my availability by Gallery representation and also my online store. If you would like to commission an art piece, contact me, Susan Wallis for my details. 


Springing to Life 48x18 encaustic art by susan wallis
Wild Chives encaustic art
Wallis_HERBS-Cilantro encaustic art
Eggplant and Basil 12x12 2011 encaustic art susan wallis
In the Secret Garden 18x36 2011 encaustic art susan wallis